Thursday, January 12, 2012

husband in training

He's a good husband in training. 

He bakes.  (He woke asking for pizza and was happy to help make it)

He cleans.  (I had to rewash everything)  Plus he has those pretty curls.

Caution:  He does like to pick out his own clothes and sometimes knocks over chairs when he's angry... but we're working on that.


Sandy said...

I love how he sticks out his tongue when making pizza!! :)

Lou, you're going to make a great husband someday

jess_hak said...

Adorable! Maybe he can give my hubby some lessons in dish washing...mine will not touch them unless I beg. :)

jess_hak said...

I would like to revise my hubs must be stalking me on the internet because while I was relaxing with the kids yesterday Zak did all the dishes without me so much as even asking him! lol

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