Monday, January 23, 2012

art things

Bee and I have been trying a few things with her new watercolor supplies.  We both love art and it's so fun to have something else we can work on together.

We worked on some textured watercolor fruit .  Rough shapes are painted on regular drawing paper.  Watercolor paper would have been too thick so we used drawing paper. 

Ignore the marshmallows on the table.  We have a number of projects going on at one time!  Bee is working on a strawberry. 

When the paper is dry, it is laid over a cheese grater and rubbed with a 'naked' crayon laid on it's side. The paper picks up the texture. 

The shapes then get cut out and displayed however.  Here are mine:

Here are Bee's:

The second project we worked on were some water color cats.  We painted blobs in cat like colors on watercolor paper.

When they were dry, we drew with a fine tip black marker sort of an outline for the blobs to turn them into cats.  Nothing is exact, it's all very loose and rough.  Here's mine:

Here are Bee's: 

I so enjoy that Bee is interested in art right now.  It gives us something fun to do together and it's neat to see her spend so much time and effort on something.  Does it look like the cat on the right has a mustache?  I just noticed that.  He looks French.


Sparkling said...

Ahh but zee french cats would not bee fat blobs!!! zee slender kitty on zee left would be more like a french cat!

You guys with your creativity- you amaze me!!!

sunnymum said...

Lovely artwork! It's a lot of fun experimenting with new media and techniques.

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