Wednesday, January 18, 2012

and then there were the bananas

It's pretty much confirmed that we love dried apples and they are a staple at our house. They are great for snacks, easy to pack in a lunch box and fantastic for road trips. 

And then there were the bananas. 

We were packing for a road trip and I was getting ready to dry a batch of apples.  There was a banana on the counter that needed eaten, so I cut it up and threw it in with the apples.  We are on our third batch of all bananas now!  They are great.  They have a banana flavor, but it's different.  It reminds me of the grilled plantains that we used to get in Florida.  They're lovely and I can't get enough.  We've been drying them the same style but for 11-12 hours at 170 degrees instead of the 13-14 for the apples. 

We've tried apples, pears, apple-pears, tomatoes, zucchini and now bananas.  Apples and bananas are most worth the oven space!  So far the least enjoyable was the zucchini.  We may try some strawberries this Spring, but we usually eat them as fast as we pick them.  I wonder what else we could throw in there?

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