Tuesday, March 20, 2012

angry birds

I saw an angry bird set on Homemade Beauties by Heidi.  She made it with tin cans and a ball all with faces painted on them.  Lou and I got worked with what we had on hand.  

We made the bird on a blue ball and use the cans as the structure. 

We painted some old golf balls to be the pigs. 

Then, we added Lou's homemade block set to add a little more to the 'structures.'

We've set up shop with it in the basement against the door.  Lou sets up and I throw.  I set up and he throws.  We change the set up each time. 

 We've been having a bunch of fun with it.  

Here's something unrelated.  Hubby installed a light in the basement for me above my sewing area.  It was so dark in the evenings.  I could hardly see.  He got in my closet to run the wires through the ceiling (he's handy like that) and he found a hidden shelf in the very top of the closet.  I've been using that closet for over a year now and had never noticed it.  Look at the 'treasure' he found.  Someone's stash... chewing tobacco and a spit cup.  Lovely!

We've lived in this house a little over a year and the people before us were here 12 years.  Next time we see them, I've got to ask if it was theirs.  There were no expiration dates on the items to check.  I just wonder how long they've been there. 

Could there be more treasure in this house?

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