Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a big drop

We did a little zip lining. Hubby and I (and my sister) got to go in the second shift. My mom and sister went first. Someone had to stay with the kiddos, who didn't weight enough.   My sister got to go twice since she's young and cute and the zip guides were... well, boys.   They told her it was because she is a teacher and they just appreciate the work she does.  Yep. 

The kids weighed 10 pounds to little to go.  Maybe another year.

You climbed to the top of the first stand, got strapped onto the line and then just went off the edge.

You rode the line to the next stand and jumped again.

After the last stand, you ended up at the ground.  I'll just caption the rest of the pictures... they are in no order; but frankly, we are wanting to watch a movie this evening and I want to get off the computer.  Just keeping it real. 

(My mom lands)

(Hubby and I are waiting for the first jump)

(My mom was brave and went first)

(There goes my sister)

(Her first graders are going to love seeing these pictures!)

(There goes hubby)

(Take note, wear longer shorts when zip lining- Here I go)

(me on the final jump)

(Hubby on the final jump)

(safe on the ground)

Much more calm things for tomorrow.

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