Thursday, March 15, 2012

out of my hands

Well, it's out of my hands now. I just get to wait and see. I entered something in my church art show. Well, I applied to enter something. You have to apply and then they let you know a few weeks later if it's been accepted.   The show isn't until May though.

I entered this small quilt in the 'fiber' category.  The theme was 'prodigal' and my piece does have an inspiration statement that had to go with it, but I'll wait and see if it's accepted before I share it all.  If it's not accepted, then it was probably stupid and I'll be glad only some unknown committee saw it.   I had to title it too, but I think it sounds silly, so we'll keep that a secret for now too.

I wanted to enter the art show last year, but I was too unsure about doing it.  But, as the kids and I walked around the art show for the 22nd time last year (they loved it), I decided that I would just go for it this year.  I've been keeping this pattern in mind for several months, not sure what I wanted to do with it.  When the theme was announced this winter, I knew right away it's the one I wanted to work with.  I saw this 'spider web' pattern on Sew Mama Sew, although I'm calling it a star pattern.

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