Monday, March 26, 2012

emtpy tomb- Easter -Preschool Style

This note was found in my teaching basket this morning after Lou and I got to school.  Bee wrote him a sweet little note.  Lou has been getting really worked up about fears at school.  He has a tummy ache almost every morning from all this worry.  He's a little ball of stress.  Geesh.  His life is so hard!

Today's theme was Easter story- empty tomb. 

I set out some more watercolor work for them at arrival time.  They flock to the table when I have this out.  They don't even use the chairs, allowing more friends to work.  This time, I let them add the color themselves using the water color pencils. I gave in and bought a set just for school.  I didn't want them using up Bee's pencils anymore than she did.  I drew several cards with pictures and left some blank.  The kids wanted me to draw on the blank ones too, no one wanted those. I talk more about the watercoloring here.

I read this book last year and used the resurrection eggs with these same kids, but no one minded.  No one really remembered what was in each egg.  I really like using this story, The Miracle of Easter because the I feel like the whole story is there and it goes nicely with the eggs (I have to add a sentence here and there to bring in all of the eggs.)

The mom helper I had today was awesome.  We worked together on a snack that the kids could make themselves.  We made empty tomb rolls.  I've made them before, but never with all of the ingredients broken down as something from the Easter story. 

The crescent roll is the cloth they wrapped Jesus in.  The marshmallow is like Jesus, pure and clean, free of sin.  The marshmallow gets dipped in butter (like the oils used on Jesus' body).  The marshmallows are then dipped in a little cinnamon sugar (the spices and herbs used).

The roll is then wrapped around the marshmallow (like the body was wrapped)  and all edges are pinched.

They rolls get baked as per the directions for the dough.  When the rolls are opened, they are empty, just like the tomb.   That big marshmallow melted.   The directions we used this day came from Homegrown Mom

The tomb is empty, Hooray!  This took a good deal of our time, but made for a nice morning. The kids were crazy lively today.  We've all earned next week off!

Here's the craft.  Lou's cutting was pretty shaky this day.  I can't believe this is his;  he usually is so tidy with this craft. The kids cut along two lines to create a tomb and a stone that was rolled away.  They glued in a bible verse and then hod the option of sponge painting on some flowers and leaves.  Lou chose two flowers making it look a little like a face. 

And now, to enjoy spring break! 

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Danielle said...

That's so nice of Hannah! I made resurrection rolls last year and they were so yummy! I bet the kids loved them! I am also going to try resurrection eggs with my kids this year.

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