Tuesday, March 27, 2012

big rocks and a goose whisperer

Lets just pretend that we didn't see this sign. We sort of missed it.  We may have broken every rule. 

We went to visit my mom and she took us to this neat hiking area with rock and trails and whatnot. There isn't a lot to say,  so I'll just share the photos. 

Except I will say that my hubby and my sister were dare devils.  They saw a rock and decided to get to it.  

Ok, and then my sister went and got all goose whisperer.  They were eating out of her hand!

There is something just as dangerous in store for us tomorrow!

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DHudak3kids said...

Looked like a great day. We went on a hike, too! Check out my new blog. dhudak3kids.blogspot.com

Have a great rest of your spring break!

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