Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garage sales in March?

This crazy nice weather is getting people cleaning out the closets and working on the garage and that means Garage sales!  

Here are our scores from the first of the season for us:

Lou got the best deal.  A pretty much brand new bucket of legos for $3.  400 legos for $3, you can't beat that every day!

Here are Bee's (as usual) random purchases.  The tic tacs are from the gas station.  We certainly didn't get them at a garage sale. She spent less than 1$ total (minus the tic tacs). 

My purchase for preschool mostly:  

Except hubby added  a few mugs.  He's a nut.  He said we needed a few new mugs and I bought some nice large mugs from the store.  They are pretty.  He bought these Christmas mugs that I'm going to have to re-garage sale this summer!  For 10 cents a piece I won't complain.  Plus, he was the one with the cash this day. 

I found a few items for Bee, shirts for next fall and a few summer sandals.  Usually I avoid shoes, but these were in nice shape and fit perfect. 

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