Saturday, March 10, 2012

legos- our method

I've been seeing a lot of pins on Pinterst about how people are organizing their legos and instructions.  I mean, their kids' lego instructions.  Seriously, I think every mom I know doesn't mind building legos. It's better for me than playing batman. I don't do it 'right' and my guys can never break into the bat cave. It's no use. 

So here's our current organization.  We keep all the kits together in separate gallon bags.   Each bag is labeled with what it is and the number (in case we ever need to get online and order a piece or print out directions again).  

Then all the directions go inside.  Those have been laminated and bound with a ring.  I like that they can flip easily this way and not get mixed up. 

We aren't mixing the pieces yet.  When I mentioned to Lou that we might want to sort them out in colors, he flipped out.  He sees that he can't free build easily this current way, but the thought of not having sets together makes him as nervous and it makes me. 

The small creator sets that come in the plastic boxes get to stay in their boxes, but the directions are all together on a ring.  I always add a ribbon tied in a knot to the ring to help us easily turn back to the front. The ribbon marks the spot.

With the pages in a binder in sheet protectors (like we've been seeing a lot), there's going to be flipping back and forth pages to go through the book, with this method however, there's no flipping back.

Either way, Lou is really starting to enjoy Legos.  

Lou is not able to do many builds by himself yet, but he loves playing with the completed sets.  We have so many serious concentration tongue out pictures of Lou.  He's a hoot.


April said...

We are a lego loving household.

One idea would be to go onto Ebay and buy a huge lot of Legos. Then he can free build with that and still have his sets organized.

Inger-The Brick Life said...

Great photos and thanks for posting about your method of organisation.
It's always trick, and really depends on the type of child you have.
My son is 11 now and has been receiving Lego for the last 10 birthdays/Christmases.
Like Lou, he leaves some sets up but then takes others apart and we have boxes for different colors and shapes.
The binder rings are a wonderful idea - well done :-)

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