Friday, May 14, 2010

moving on

Last evening we attended Bee's graduation. She is officially ready to be a kindergartner! She's certain kindergarten starts next week. She doesn't know the joys of summer vacation yet. Here are one proud mama's pictures from last night fresh from the camera.

First they sang a few songs in their regular clothes and then they put on their caps and gowns.

How sweet is this. I'll try to think of this picture when she frustrates me.

Oh wait, there it is... she's picking her nose during the prayer.

She was so serious the whole time. She had been nervous that day.

Apparently there was dancing afterward. I guess there was reason to celebrate after a long hard year of pre-k.

Here she is with her good buddy and teachers. We will sure miss them. Luckily Lou will be here next year and chances are good that he will have one or both of these sweet ladies. Bee is going to be going to kindergarten upstairs from the preschool, she'll still get to stop by and say hi plenty.

This wasn't my favorite song they sang, but it was the only one where she smiled. It was such a lovely program and the kids were adorable.


grandma said...

What a celebration. The song was sweet.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud---I can't believe they had caps and gowns.

Love Always,


Susan said...

you got some excellent pictures from graduation!!! Hannah is such a precious girl! Michelle and I are hoping that we get to teach together next year. We want to continue on with the siblings from our class this year! Loved the video!

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