Friday, November 30, 2012

preschool Christmas book -pg 1

I have a post started to share the entire Christmas book our preK class is making, but I couldn't wait to share these darling angels!  

We took this longer Christmas Story book that I made up for my own kiddos a few years ago and shortened it into a 6 page piece that was more practical to complete in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

 (favorite holy angel.  clown.  angel.)

So, for each page, we have a little art project for the kids to complete.  I think all the classes are working on this project at some capacity.  I think the others are letting the kids free draw all the illustrations.  I just felt that at 4 and 5, most of our particular kiddos would do better with a little guidance towards a illustration that makes sense for that page.  I'm usually a process art person, but I just wanted these to look really nice.  product.  guilty.

I cut out all the pieces and showed them sort of how they went together, but the kids really added their own to each. 

I'll get this full book posted soon, but here's the longer version, page by page in the meantime. I don't have it up as a download because I still can't seem to figure out google docs properly.  I am more than happy to email it out though.  Just leave me a comment here with an email or contact me though using my contact info on the tab above.

These little angels make me so happy that I teach at a school where we can share Christmas right from the bible. 

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