Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tortilla shell Teepee

 At Bee's book harvest party, they made these cool teepees out of tortilla shells.  They've been talking about Native Americans in social studies.

The kids drew on the half shells with sharpies.  They also had ink pads and glitter available.  

The kids looked off a sheet of Indian symbols for ideas.

The teepees get held together with a toothpick.  Within just a few hours, the tortilla is dry and gets really hard. 

They added wooden rods in the center for a teepee look, but those are not necessary or needed for it to hold up.   Bee and Lou both made one and they are sitting on our kitchen table.  I figure they'll mold at some point, but we can probably enjoy them through Thanksgiving.

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Kelly said...

American tortillas will go days - possibly a couple of weeks - before molding. Mexican tortillas will start to mold in less than a day in the refrigerator - we were so shocked to discover just how many preservatives are in our tortillas!

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