Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mayflower craft

We made this cute Mayflower craft at preschool this year.  The kiddos painted blue ocean water waves (some added lots of water).  It's funny how their perspectives are so different.  Some saw as I did that the blue paint was the water and the light blue paper could be the sky and we were looking at a side view of the water, sky and boat.  Others saw it from a top view, the water needed to cover every inch becasue the boat should be in the middle of the ocean. 

Anyway, they painted waves, I helped them stamp their hand as the Mayflower.  Then they washed and came back and added three precut sails, which were glued on with elmers.

If you aren't familiar with working with kids hand print artwork, here's how we do it.  It's the least messy way (as compared to having a pie tin of paint and having the kids dip their hands in it and then stamp their hands).  We paint the hand.

Then help them stamp. 

We did this craft with both the 3s and the pre-k and the bigger hands made for a taller ship, which really looked more boat-like.  This is a 3s hand print.

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