Tuesday, November 13, 2012

finally a yes

Lou finally got his yes.  He comes up with these grand plans.  Often they are so big, they aren't something we can feasibly do, build, or make or conjurer up.  He wants a wooden car that we can roll down the hill, a wooden play house that he can build, a climbing wall and tree house.  Sure, we could feasibly build those things.  I could not however make them on the spot with materials on hand, as he thinks should happen.

One of his items finally got a yes.  A yes, right now. 

We made a climbing 'wall' on one of the trees. He and Bee chose on their own to wear their helmets.  The rope just happens to be there from another 'yes' activity.  We'll have to climb up higher to untangle and remove it.

The 'climbing wall' needs a few more strategically places hand and foot holds for them to get to the top mark.  We didn't plan it out very well.   Another day I suppose.

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