Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dolls and clothes

 This explains the crazy noise from the garbage disposal!  Poor Polly.

Speaking of dolls, the kids requested new doll outfits.  Lou's doll got a cameo hunting outfit. Right before I took this picture, Lou realized that he had a splinter.  Thankfully I'm a surgeon and was able to dig it out.

I made my own pants pattern from a pair of existing pants.  The shirt pattern is from Trillium.  I must not have printed it our big enough, it had to be turned into a vest.  I also thought this outfit was for Boy, but Lou changed his mind.  Boy can wear the same size as an American Girl (minus some length).  Boy also had a Diego bag

Bee's girl got a new dress.  The doll dress pattern is from My Cup Overflows. 

Bee says she wants a matching dress, but I know she won't wear it.  I would like to make them both more outfits for Christmas, but we'll see what gets done.  

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