Saturday, November 24, 2012

green eggs and ham- preschool style

We had a fun green eggs and ham day at school.  This snack is actually from Bee's book party, but isn't it perfect for this day?

My co teacher taught this day, but I just loved all the things she did with the book.  Here, the kids are doing an egg experiment.  They made predictions about how high the block tower would have to get for the egg to crack when knocked off.  They guessed low.  We tried it and added more blocks and tried again and added more.

Until we got to 25 and I had to help hold the tower.  Then the egg finally cracked when flicked off the top.

Then we cooked green eggs and ham.  I had good fresh green farm eggs at home but didn't even think to bring them in to show the kids.  They probably haven't seen green eggs.  

The kids all sat around and watched as we cooked them up on an electric skillet.  Green food coloring was added to make them green.  Chopped pieces of ham were added to make them... hammy. The kids liked them.  They liked them in a box and with a fox.

Mostly unrelated, but on my Gg day, we played with green gak.  It's an easy recipe.  I chose to make it up ahead of time, but it could be made with the class.  

Here's the quick version of how you make it- there are some great tutorials out there, if you need photos in your directions. 


Mix equal parts water and white school glue (can use the gel school glue too).  I made 2 c each.  Mix this well. 

Mix warm water (about 2 c) with 2 T borax.  Stir well until dissolved. Borax is with the laundry supplies at the store.

In small batches, like 1/3 cup at a time, pour the glue mixture into the water and borax mix.  Each time, working that glue mix up and kneading it and removing it prior to adding the next 1/3 cup of glue.  Keep using that same borax and water solution.  Add food coloring to the gak mixture if desired.  Store nicely in a baggie or airtight container.  

That mix made up enough for 20 baggies.  I included a safety note with mine since i sent it home when we were done playing. 

Will remove varnish from wooded chairs!  Just saying!

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Anonymous said...

I make 'green eggs' for my boys by adding a spoon full of pesto. The flavor is very mild and they love it!! Its a great alternative to dye. Thanks for your great blog :-)