Saturday, November 3, 2012

blueberries for sal -part 2

It's Blueberries for Sal, part 2.  I'm calling last year part 1. Last year was also bear day, so I took it that directions with a class bear book from the teddy bears they brought in, a directional word activity, a Bb letter identification activity and a nature walk outside.  This year, I worked it in on review day since bear day was weeks ago and fell on my co-teachers day.

But, I love this book and will work it in wherever I can to get it in each year.   It's a little longer than a lot of books, but I think the kids need that sometimes.  It seems to keep their attention though. 

I added a fun little bear paw game.  The kids each wore a pair of mitts as paws and we passed a blueberry.  I think we ended up passing three or four at once. We didn't play 'hot potato' with it, but just had a few of these balls going at once to see how hard it would be to do our normal things if we had paws.

 I used the class set of fleece oven mitts from my Thanksgiving 'hot potato' game.  I'm glad to get more use out of these guys!  They'll come back out in two weeks for the Thanksgiving party.

 Instead of hunting around the room for just B and b berries, we hunted for any berries, two for each friend.

Then we sorted them out.  Theses are all the letters we've worked on so far this year. Turns out we are going to need a good deal of continued review!

I can't think now if we sang any songs or did any related movement songs.  I'm sure we danced to something, but it was probably random.

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