Thursday, November 29, 2012

random preschool

Here are several random preschool related items.  

I'm just so in love with this journal entry.  I think this is why I go to school a lot of days. 

Next item.  I found this 9 piece puzzle at a garage sale and it's been perfect for a behavior plan for one of our little friends.  He earns pieces for good behavior and when all 9 are earned, he earns a prize at home.  Some days are five piece days, others not so much.

The 'vet' stuff is at school this week.  The kids are loving it! Last month we had the mail center out.  

The fixed light board has lasted so far.  Beats the old record of one day.

We set out the jars and glass beads for the sensory box.  It was loud.  They filled and dumped and refilled those jars.  loudly. 

The kiddos collected can goods in November.  Our room collected 198!  One of the preschool grandma's happens to be the leader from the group we collected for.  The kids helped her load up the van.

Oh my goodness, our friends are loving the Pete the Cat books. Those books get read and read and read.  They can read it themselves now.  I come a lot of days for that too.

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Danielle said...

That little puzzle is from the game Hi Ho Cheerio

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