Friday, October 1, 2010

the large buttercup bag

I have been addicted to the buttercup bag. I have made three now and have fabric cut out for two more. This weekend, I decided to buy the official pattern because it came with the pattern for the bigger bag too. It also allows me to make and sell the bags. I am not sure that I'm going to do that, but I could.

I picked this fabric up for Bee for a dress and she hates it. It's a light corduroy. I've been watching it all summer. The dress is too big and we'll just save it for next year. Maybe she'll change her mind in a year. She said I should just save it for my Grand-kids.

I did a little something different with the buttons too. I got my inspiration from this gorgeous bag on etsy.

Here is the big bag compared to the regular smaller bag that I've bee addicted to. That's the fourth small bag.

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grandma said...

Does this bag have pockets? I am needing something different. When the big bag comes on etsy, I might be interested.

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