Monday, October 11, 2010

me running the mini marathon

So, this is me running the mini marathon on Sunday morning. You may note that this picture does not include running shoes or appropriate running attire. There's no race number or other runners. Ok, so I'm not even in this picture. In fact, this photo was taken at my house and not along the 13.1 mile course. That's because that's where I was this morning... at home.

After the 10K I ran last month, I was really sick for the next two days. I've read it's called 'runners rot.' So I really slowed down on my mileage. It put me in a bad spot for the big race this weekend. About two weeks ago I knew that I either needed to really push myself for a few good long runs or... not. I decided that it just wasn't fun anymore... I have a few 5, 7, and 10K's on my list for the spring. As far as this Sunday morning: it was me and some homemade cinnamon rolls. I added some cream cheese in the icing. Good choice!

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