Monday, October 18, 2010

a night out and some yard sales and other news

Hubby and I celebrated 11 years of marriage on Saturday. We had a night out on Friday night including dinner at a wonderful new-to-us restaurant. It came highly recommended and we absolutely loved it. We will go back some day, but will never take the kids. It's one of those places. Then we went to a concert. It too was really good. It was at our church, but it was real people. Good people. Like, people on the radio. I wore the wrong shoes. We are clearly to old to be going to concerts.

Saturday, we did some garage sale (ing).

Hubby had the best buy of the day. He picked up these large bucket things for $2 a piece. He plans to organize the garage. More power to him. We have already sorted the recycling and garage toys in them.

I found two calendar tea towels (1979 and 1981) for 10 cents a piece. I'll be making coffee cozies out of them.

I picked up this 100% wool sweater which I planned to throw in the to-felt pile, but it's already been shrunk a little and fits well. I might wear it awhile first.

Lou is only wearing character shirts these days, much to my displeasure. We get such lovely hand me downs from a friend. He isn't as excited as me about those. He has two spiderman shirts and two toy story shirts that he will wear. That's all he will wear. I found two new t shirts at a sale and paid way too much at $1 each, but she wouldn't budge and I was a desperate mom. Now we have 6 shirts in the rotation.

Lou used his $1 wisely:
kick board- 50 cents and two cars and a bat man guy- 50 cents.

Bee didn't want her items photographed, but she got two things on her list (surprisingly!): pool flippers- 25 cents and water shoes- 50 cents.

In other news, Bee has learned to ride with no training wheels. She is really good!

Lou got a bike this weekend. Another good buy. We were at Goodwill looking for for parts for the Halloween costumes and saw this almost brand new bike for $10. A bike was going on his Christmas list, but we are all set now. He LOVES it. He's a crazy little biking man.

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