Saturday, October 16, 2010

tags on coats

I don't know who designs children's coats, but they don't have kids. They've never picked up the same coat 47 times in one day and tried tirelessly to hang four jackets on top of each other. All kid's coats should have tags for hanging. I don't know why most don't. Kids have to hang their coats on hooks everywhere they go. If there is no tag, those coats just won't stay up.

So, we've been adding tags.

Simple cut a piece of ribbon a few inches long, touch the raw edges to a lit match and handstitch the ribbon to the coat.

Lou is the happy recipient on many hand me downs. The boy must have 17 jackets. They all have hangers now.

I bought the name labels last year here at this etsy shop. They have been great. Every sweater and jacket and coat that we wear and possibly take out of the house have been labeled.

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Clara said...

I love it! Great idea! You are so crafty!

Jennifer Juniper said...

A smart mom for sure! We all need this :)

Melissa said...

Good idea. You are definitely right about the tag thing.

Jami said...

Yes! Of course. Such a simple idea, but it makes a big difference!

Kim said...

This is a simple idea that is so smart. What a good mom you are to help your children keep their coats put up.

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