Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apples- the preschool kind

Here's a book we read at preschool this past week, and at home a dozen times. It's Ten Apples Up On Top by Theo LeSieg. One of my little guys was freaked out by the bears that chase the characters. He was acting just the same way Bee does when she gets nervous during a book. I assured him that everything was going to turn out ok. It's so funny that Bee (and this little guy) think that I would read them a book where the good characters were eaten by chasing bears. You never know with me.

After reading that, I read a class book that I had made up. I'm filling up a basket with class books. The kids love looking at pictures of their friends and picking out the familiar text.

If my little people had been a little older, or if I'd had more time in our day, I would have let them help choose how many apple stickers and help count and write the number in. I did all of this ahead of time.

Then, we danced and moved around the room (or yard- I make sure and test out everything with the neighborhood kids) with paper bag apples on our heads (then knees, tummy, shoulders, backs, etc). I painted paper bags on all four sides, filled them with scrunched up newspaper, twisted and tied them close. I put Hop Hop Hippity Hop by Five for Fighting/John Ondrasik/Jon Ondrasik. It's a fun song. (Can't find it anywhere online- sorry) Any song would work though.

We used the apples then to sing this song: (tune of twinkle twinkle)

Shiny Shiny apple red,
hanging high above my head. (reach apple high up)
On my tip toes reaching high, (on tip toes)
One last stretch, it's worth a try. (stretch!)
Shiny, Shiny apple red,
you were high above my head. (pick apple)
(then we can pretend to chomp and eat our apples)

We also played with apple scented playdough. It was scented with this:

There were some laminated apples in case the kids wanted to make worms for the apples. They of course were free to make whatever they wanted with the playdough.

The play dough was great when Lou and I tested it out... when I got it to school the next day is was mush. Wet smooshy mush. It was gross. A few boys were not bothered and dug right in. Lesson learned; always take extra flour, just in case.

I have this black glove with magnets on the finger tips. I mistakenly used way too strong magnets. The fingers stick together like crazy. It can be used with any little pieces with glued on paper clips. This one uses 5 red apple cutouts. This is the apple countdown rhyme that goes with my little apple pieces. (Mine sort of looks like this)

___ red apples hanging on a tree,
Apples always taste so good to me.
So, I shake the tree,
and one falls to the ground.
Now there are
___ red apples, juicy and round.

My glove looks like this, except it's black

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