Friday, October 22, 2010

mid week garage sale

There is a benefit garage sale this weekend for our good friend. I think I mentioned her a time or two before. Her cancer came back this summer. She's going through chemo again and really struggling this time with the treatment. She has a very strong support system and they have organized a huge rummage sale to help support her. Friends have been sorting and pricing for almost three weeks. They were overwhelmed with donations. In an awesome, let's raise a bunch of money kind of way.

I went over this week to help out a bit (although I think I just moved things from one spot to another). I came home with a couple goodies.

I picked up this rainbow pillow sham and striped dust ruffle (my neighbor had the matching quilt at her yard sale last summer, but I didn't snatch it up in time). I plan to use them for fabric parts.

These card games and puzzles will be used at home and preschool. There were more... I only picked a few.

I feel really bad listing the prices since it was a benefit rummage, but I do enjoy reading online how much others pay for their garage sale finds. The Vera was a steal at $1 each. I wasn't the pricer! All purses and bags were $1. The other items here (every other item pictured) were all priced at 50 cents.

I couldn't help but grab those little flower bowls. I am pretty much in love with them. They were 50 cents for each stack. Somebody donated their grandma's bowls. Lucky me... I mean, shame, shame.

If you're in the southwest Indiana tri-state area and want to know where this sale is, shoot me an email and I'll fill you in. It's Saturday, October 23.


Anonymous said...

A true "picker" takes the cream items before everyone else has access to it. You make me proud.

Love Always,

grandma said...

What a deal. I would love to come to the sale but I guess all the Vera bags are long gone. There is a church here in town that lets the committee chose first I believe.

Counting Coconuts said...

What finds! I wish the house sales around here were as good!

You know I'm LOVING those little flower bowls and the pitcher - perfect for Montessori work. :)

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