Tuesday, October 12, 2010

canned good cooking- italian beef hoagies

This week's "I Canned a whole LOTT, Now I'm Cooking In My Bistro" uses canned tomatoes.

Italian Beef Hoagies

1 pint canned tomatoes (Italian if you have them- If not using Italian tomatoes: add garlic, oregano, basil to taste)
1 small can tomato paste
1 roast (I used sirloin tip this time, but have used much cheaper roasts in the past and they've been great too)
Hoagie buns
mozzarella cheese

Place the tomatoes, paste and roast in crock pot.

Cook all day... like 8 hours give or take a few. The roast should just fall apart when you stir it. If it doesn't, you can shred it with a knife and fork.

Spoon onto bun and top with cheese. yum. There are always tons left for the next day or for friends.

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Jen said...

looks yummy! thanks for linking up with us!

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