Tuesday, December 28, 2010

camera straps

Bee has decided to become a photographer.  She had the childrens fisher price camera and it was fine for awhile.  The picture quality was so poor  that in three years of having it, we ended up with 0 pictures worth printing out.  She was always borrowing my camera (yikes) or Daddy's little one.  Daddy has passed down his little camera to her.  

We all realized right away that she was going to need something to help her not loose the camera.  She has been carrying it around with her non stop and laying it down everywhere. She picked out some fabric scraps and we quickly made up a little camera strap.  I decided to attach it right to the camera so there was less of a chance that she'd get it off and loose the camera. 

She is literally taking the camera everywhere with her.  She takes pictures of the funniest things.  I asked her about taking pictures of all these inanimate objects and she reminded me that I often take pictures of funny things.  She does have a point.  So, if you see a picture of a kid at the grocery taking photos of fruit and cereal boxes, it's my kid, the photographer.


Anonymous said...

I love the first picture with her finger over the lens.

Love Always,


Happy Together said...

How precious! I agree about those Fisher price cameras. I bought one for my daughter and was shocked at how terrible the quality was. I really think they could do a better job. Love the camera strap!

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