Thursday, December 9, 2010

thrifty finds

The kids and I had a big load to drop off at the thrift store today, moving will do that to you. We usually find as much as we drop off. We also had a lot of trash to put out today. How does that happen? We lived with that much trash worked into our always happens when we move and it always surprises me.

Today's finds were this huge basket. I was looking for something large to keep library books in. I don't think this picture does it justice. This basket is huge and super sturdy. It was $10, which was more than I wanted to pay. I figured that I'd pay more than that if I bought some kind of container new at the store.

Also picked up today was this little nativity set. It's from Peru. I immediately thought of my mom since she sort of collects nativity sets, but maybe just special ones from our travels. OK, my brothers travels. Who am I kidding, I only venture to walmart and back. She recently moved to a smaller home so she may not want my collected items anymore. We could find room here. Either way, the kids are enjoying it. These were $3 and have already provided some sibling story telling time, so we're good there.

I also bought a brand new with the tags Ann Taylor sweater twin set for $1. No picture, it's in the wash. I want to wear it to school tomorrow. It's a pretty pinky salmon color. I also bought a pair of shoes, but don't want to weird you out with shoes. I always think of that line in the movie Uncle Buck (one of my sister's favorite movie) where they go bowling and the guy says, "Here's your rent-a-shoes." Then the sassy teenage sister says, "Rent a foot fungus." Maybe I'll spray some sanitizer in there. Let's stop talking about it.


grandma said...

The nativity set is nice. I have a little one that I will get to you sometime. I bought 12 yesterday. With my purchase I got at Beth Moore book with a red cover that looks Christmasy. Do you want the big basket that I have had toys in. I think Luke & Bee are too old for those toys that are in it. I'm ready to get rid of it.

Happy Together said...

hahaha about the shoes. I went thrifting with my cousin over Thanksgiving and bought a pair of flats from a thrift for only $1! They look like they've never had a foot in them though :) But, I'm still going to wipe them down lol.

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