Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bee's room

More house stuff. It's almost done, then we can move on... not really "move"... because we are never doing that again. We always say that. With each move, we say 'we are never doing this again!' Usually, I say, 'next time we are getting movers.' This is house number 16 for me. Brian and I have moved 9 times in our 11 years of marriage. We consider ourselves good at it. This move was treacherous. Next door seemed easy, but has turned out to be the worst move yet. It's all but over and last night I got a much needed 9 hours of sleep. For the past 8 days, I was averaging 4! I do best with lots of sleep!

Bee's room is almost done. Her headboard shutters ended up being the exact color as her new walls, so they'll need repainted. I have yet to unpack the painting supplies and they seem low on the priority list right now anyway. When I look at these pictures, they seem busy, but when I'm in her room, it doesn't feel that way. It's got to be better than this though.

Note the 'new' desk I mentioned last post. She loves it! It will get some paint when the weather is nice. The cane bottom chair at the desk was a wedding gift to my great grandparents. I have only 3 of the 4 with seats so they don't work at the kitchen table. The little lap quilt on the back of her chair was made by another great grandma. The cat seems to be enjoying the desk too. The dresser in there could use a coat of paint too, it was mine when I was little and my moms when she was little.

The curtains are hung temporarily on tension rods my grandma sent me home with at Thanksgiving. The kids ended up with opposite number of windows at this house, we I've had to redo curtains. Her night stand was my sisters when she was little and has been painted 14 different times since then. The American girl bed is being borrowed from my sister as well. My grandpa made it and my sis is saving it for her brood of girls someday. Half the storage in the basement is being saved for the someday cousins.

I wasn't going to hang up the picture birthday banner in Bee's new room, but she said that she looks at it when she's trying to fall asleep. I made a few more photo canvas art pieces. We had thought we'd pick up an area rug for her room, but she loves to ballet dance on the pretty hardwoods floors. I'll have to show you sometime the cool quilt that is on her bed under her comforter.


Anonymous said...

I love Bee's room. I checked out the link about how her old room had looked. What a mess. OMG.

Love always,

Ott, A. said...

I like the desk as well. The green paint really makes the white furniture pop out.

Aunt Donna said...

What a fun room! Attractive, yet very "user friendly". I love how the pink "pops" against the green!

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