Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas recap

I'm doing very little crafting right now.  I am finishing up the last un-made etsy order this weekend and then will be done.  The last two Christmas seasons, I've crazy sewn up until the last mailing date.  The move was freeing for me because I didn't let myself do that this year. I have a few family gifts to get working on, but that sewing is often more enjoyable.  

Here are a few favorite past Christmas crafts from the fam here at From the Hive. 

This Christmas book remains a favorite read at our house and a simplified version is being made at my preschool this year.

Bee may be dong something similar again, she's a reluctant thank you note writer.  Here's some easy kid's thank you notes.

We just made this Reindeer crafts  again this year at the nature center.

Pretzel wreath-    A yummy treat I had forgotten, but will need to make soon for sure.

 I have been meaning to make these Pancakes in a jar again all year. 

I have some preschool Christmas crafts and games coming this week.  We have been doing so many fun things there, but I never have my camera ready and available.  Maybe I'll have to do a better job of that in 2011.  


grandma said...

How smart to have a deadline for making etsy items for Christmas. Your home is looking good. Do you have the out building filled yet?

Deidre said...

my kids love sensory tubs! such a great activity.

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