Friday, December 3, 2010

The new sewing area and some others

Here's my new sewing area (slash kids craft area). It's one end of the basement. It's a walkout, so it has windows. I'm out of the dungeon of our old house basement! I used to keep my sewing machine on this little student desk turned printer stand, turned changing table, turned sewing table. It's been a versatile piece that Brian picked up in college. I thought he was bonkers at the time. It's now in Hannah's room back as a desk. It's needs a fresh coat of paint, but the desk seems happy.

I am toying with the idea of propping up the big board work surface that I have on these two cube guys and picking up a stool to sit on. These file cabinets aren't working for me. This area is still under construction. Pretty much.

Or I'm going to leave these cubes stacked.... they are two different colors though. Or, I wait until Christmas when we are in Michigan and look for something great at IKEA and spend all my Christmas money on it and then can't bring anything else home... including the children.

There is a nice sink in my area which is great for crafting. Former homeowners had a second full kitchen down here and did a bunch of canning down here.

There is a nice sized closet in my area which will be nice so there isn't as much 'stuff' out. This looks messy, but it really is tidy.

Also, until I figure out how to get the fridge hooked up in the laundry room, there's an extra fridge in my area. Guess It'll be handy for my thirsty sewing days. Assuming I can get the smell out of it. Some deer meat went bad in it a few weeks ago when the inspector accidentally unplugged it and left it like that.

Here's the kid's favorite part of this area.

Any good fridge cleaning tips would be much appreciated. The smell of deer meat juice is... a bit to 'woodsy' for me.

While I'm posting some pictures of the new place, here's the kitchen mostly done. It isn't the biggest kitchen, but only one person could be in my old one at a time. Plus, I think all kitchens should be yellow, and this one already is.

The small dining area is just off the kitchen. It's going to be nice to be able to leave the kitchen table all set up. At the old place, we had to fold the table edges down after each meal. The large empty wall is waiting for something, but I just don't know what yet.

I'll probably have more house pictures this week. It's pretty much all I'm doing right now.


mommyslittlemonkeys said...

LOVE IT! Let me know if I can help you unpack or move boxes from one room to the other, etc!

Anonymous said...

I love the new house pictures!

Love always,


grandma said...

Baking soda is good for fridge odors. We helped clean a big fridge that was molded at a Youth Camp in Florida. We used Scrubbing Bubbles first, then washed with soda water. Charcoal is good for fridge odors also. You can have a small desk from the office the next trip, if you have room.

charlotte said...

vinegar will also help get rid of the deer meat smell then use the baking soda

Kelly said...

absolutely great! Love the new place.

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