Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Kitmas

Lou says, "Kitmas."  I love it.   

Oh my goodness, this picture cracks me up.  Look at Lou's hair, face and collar.  He means business. Bee is her usual fancy gal.

Note their shoes.  Bee and I were in disagreement about her black shoes.  again.  Lou won his shoe fight.  No black church shoes for him, he's wearing his hiking boots.  Poor guy.  I always pick up his Christmas outfit the year before and just buy a bigger size.  He went through a crazy growth spurt a few weeks ago and I didn't even think to check this outfit.  He pants are just long enough if he holds still and his shirt sleeves are too short.  There was no way his feet were fitting in those shoes either.  We discovered this while getting dressed 15 minutes before church.  I didn't even think about it. 

Here they are opening one early present.  This was a lesson learned for me.  They are not able to handel a joint gift wrapped in two pieces.  Each wanted to keep their part separate.  It really wasn't fun unless they combined them.  There was crying.  Lots of crying.  Lesson learned.

Merry Kitmas from our house to yours!

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grandma said...

Oh, Bee, black shoes would look so nice with that beautiful dress. But for a boy hiking boots are fine. I am eager to see all you received for Kitmas.

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