Sunday, December 26, 2010

the snap happy bag

I recently came across a website where they were making up a little bag they called a snap happy bag.  I searched around online for less than two minutes and bought the pattern off ebay. I love the internet.   I arrived the fastest I've ever had anything ship!

I made up several little bags.  They take no time at all.  Bee took these pictures for me.  She wants to be a photographer.  Plus, it keeps her entertained for a good while!

The red one is going under the tree, the white one is for Bee, the purple and pink one is for me. Bee and I are hoping for something special for Christmas that will fit inside!

The fun part of this bag is in how it opens. There is a secret material used in the top.  When pulled back, it opens. 

When you let go, it snaps shut again.

I think they are super cute.  The only thing I want to change is that the seams on the inside are showing and raw.  They are zig zagged, but I would like a more finished lining.  It will make the project not as fast, but will be worth it.  I'll work on that when we get home from our Christmas travels.  Just like the name says, this project does make me happy.


tpeters said...

I also purchased a pattern for these. To make a finished edge on the inside, just make a French seam on the sides. It is really fast and makes them look fantastic.

Jen said...

I have this pattern as well and have made several for my co-workers. I see you have some sort of label on yours. What does it say and where did you get it?

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