Wednesday, December 8, 2010

great gift for a teacher

This is a great gift for a teacher or a neighbor or co-worker, really it's just a nice gift in general. One of my students presented me with an early gift last week (how nice to get those gifts out of the way as this gift needs to be gifted early). At first, I was confused when I looked in the gift bag to see other gift bags and then I saw the scissors and tape, etc and figured it out.

It's a present wrapping kit. Better than a kitten mug any day! Teachers tend to get a lot of mugs. Ones with kittens are especially popular if you've ever mentioned you have cats, had a cat, or once saw a cat.

There are a number of gift bags, gift boxes, tissue paper, some tape, Santa scissors, and homemade thank you cards. Practical, useful, no kittens involved.

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