Saturday, December 11, 2010

a few other house pictures

Here are a few last pictures of the house. The boxes are about 95% done. I guess we just don't need the rest! Christmas boxes are coming out today. The kids have been asking all week. I was telling them that everybody else was just early, but they've stopped believing me.

Here's the rest of the basement. My sewing area is to the left, the kids have a play area in the middle and then there's a small living/treadmill area at the end. There is a doorway to hubby's office to the right of the TV.

Most of the kid's toys from the old playroom are in this funny basement storage area. It's like having a walk in attic. There is a similar one across the hall that has the laundry area and more storage.

Here's the living room.

This shelf is in the kitchen. I love having some of the canned food out. They are too pretty to have put away. This is most of them. There are more green beans, pickles, and tomatoes in the basement. I think we made plenty of pickles.

Here's our bedroom. The walls are light blue, although here they almost look green.

Finally got the curtains put up late this week. They were a funny material to sew with and drove me so crazy I would work on them in small allotments.

All of the bedroom furniture fit, which is always a concern. We have such large pieces.

Poor Lou, his room is the least 'finished.' He has asked not to have his dinosaur stuff up again, and wants monster trucks. We're still discussing this.

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