Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreath and tree games

Here are some wreath and Christmas tree games that we played recently at preschool. 
Here's a Christmas card matching game.  I placed 5 Christmas cards on this felt wreath on the floor.  I passed out matching Christmas cards to all the friends in the circle and they all took turns placing their card on the matching one. We talked about the pictures on each card, the colors, the symbols of Christmas, etc.

Build a wreath: This was played during circle time where all the kids were sitting on the circle rug.   Children took turns rolling the dice.  Each number was assigned an item.  We collected the items until we had them all and could build the picture. We played a few times so everyone could get a turn. 

Here's another wreath game.  I made little wreaths for everybody.  I rolled the dice and then each little person added the right number of berries to their wreaths. 

Here's a tree game that involved a bingo style card.  We've been trying a few activities with numbers or shapes on bingo style cards for kids to find on their own.  A few kids are great with this, but as a whole it's not going so well for the 3 year olds.

So, each child had a bingo card and a hanful of pom poms as markers.   As I brought out each piece of the tree, they were to cover that item up.  There was a tree, a skirt, a present, a star, a nativity set, and 7 different ornaments.  I had intended to use a real tree but our little one was still in a storage tub.  This actually worked out well.  When I was done, I just rolled it up and got it out of the way quickly.

I'll have a few more Christmas games later this week.  The theme this week is Christmas fun.  I guess that leaves it pretty much open.  


Counting Coconuts said...

Lots of fun games! Love the wreath and berries game - that's right up our alley! :)

Km said...

What a delightful collection of fun and games! You will be able to use those for yers to come!

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