Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the big house (or next door)

Picture posting issue is solved, I decided to pay a little for extra storage. We'll see how long this space last.

While in Michigan visiting my brother and his wife, we went to a Michigan (hubby's team) vs. Purdue (my sisters team) game.  We asked for family gifts and/or experiences for Christmas and this is what my sister got us. 

This was our first time at the big house and several of us were pretty much in heaven. 

Here's the whole gang,  my mom is in the pink Purdue shirt.  My brother and his wife are to the right in the Michigan shirts.  The kids and I are down  front (I'm in my sister's purdue shirt.  My sister is in Purdue gear next to my mom.  Hubby is on the left and my sister's boyfriend is in the back.  Poor hubby was so concerned about all the things we needed for closing on the house (which we did on the way to our travels) that he forgot his Michigan gear.

I have three really neat sewing projects coming up in the next few days.  For those not related to us, it should be more exciting than family pictures.

EDITED TO ADD:  Hubby has corrected me.  This area is not "The big house."  That's the football arena next door.  He would also like me to add that all should know that he did not appreciate my purdue support that day.  In my defence, I did not supprt that team, I spent most of the time people watching.  I frankly thought the ball game was half over when it was over.  I thought there were 4 periods and apparently there are only 2.  I stand corrected.

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