Wednesday, December 15, 2010

more preschool Christmas games

My work getting ready for preschool this week was wasted, the snow came and laughed at me.   Here are few games and activities I had made up that will get filed away for another year.  Bee is testing them out.  She likes to remind me how easy these activities are.

This is just a shape matching game.  Match the cookie cutter with the shape.  I traced the cookie cutters on brown paper and laminated them.  Magnets stick them to my old cookie sheet.  I have been thinking this might be interesting since I used another cookie cutter in an activity and the kids couldn't figure out what shape it was.  It was a heart with an arrow through it and they were guessing cow and dog.

Many of the 3 year olds still struggle with recognizing their own names.  I thought I'd make sure and have at least one activty each week for the next few weeks that focuses on names.  This one took me some time to make for all my kiddos but I thought it would be worth it.

The kids were going to match each letter in their names to the light bulbs.  I would like to send these home anyway next time we meet so the kids can use them.  I keep meaning to write up a little note home with ideas on how to help practice reading and writing names.   I guess now I have all of Christmas break.

I had 6 different sized gift bags. I was going to have the kids help me put them in order by size. 

Then I had some of the same bags with number tags on them.  I had groups of items that might be given for Christmas.  I had planned for the kids to help me count them and put them in the correct bag.   There are some samples in the front, 1 tattoo, 4 pencils, 5 toy bugs, 3 plastic fish, etc.

Lastly, here are some more cookies.  Good grief, I'm going to need to buy another cookie sheet if I'm going to take pictures of it.   I have switched to doing most of my baking on stones and love them.  This guy is not needed and got downgraded to preschool.  

Anyway, the cookies (and you could make cuter ones...I made these when I started seeing snow, I was already suspicious) stick on the cookie tray with magnets.  Here's the little rhyme:   
                "Holiday cookies on my tray.  How many cookies did I eat today?"
We were going to count the cookies and add a number card with the correct number.  We would have played this several times moving the cookies around and changing the number.  Number sentences could be acted out as well.  We could have also played 'which one is missing' with these.   That a favorite game at our house!

So since it's a snow day, that's enough school stuff for me, I'm off to enjoy the backyard sledding hill!

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Janet said...

I absolutely love your ideas Wish I had looked here before today because I had to make my own games BUT now I have yours too!! Thanks for sharing

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