Friday, October 14, 2011

bathroom shutters

I had the shutters already, so when I kept seeing shutters as memo boards on pinterest, I just needed a spot for them.   I put them in the bathroom, which is a weird place for a memo board.  

 They used to be Bee's headboard, but her room is now a similar green color and she has hanging princess sheer curtain things hanging around her bed.   To the bathroom shutters, we added little notes that Bee writes, some pictures from Lou and some bible verses.  

Our shutters had a bar running down the middle.  I had to pull them off so that the shutters would lay flat against the wall.

Here are a few that have been all over pinterest. Here's one from Martha .

Here's another cute one that doesn't seem to link back to it's origional source.

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Lucy said...

I love the look of these and putting it in the bathroom is a great choice. Everyone has to visit -- ha! Do you have to put a thin board or cardboard behind it to help keep things from sliding down between the shutter and wall?

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