Sunday, October 2, 2011

I heart church yard sales

We had a one stop yard sale weekend. The church on our road was having a sale and I have always found church sales to be super cheap places to shop. The pricers are rarely attached to the items and everything must go. 

Lou spent 50 cents on a large stack of cards.  We thought they were pokemon, but they actually seem to be everything but.  The older kids at school are into pokemon, so that's the only name of cards that he knows. He was rather pleased with his purchase.

These books were 25 cents a piece.

Here's an interesting assortment of items.  The white tin can was a quarter and will hold my set of story sticks.  The apron was 25 cents as well and at first I liked it for the retro fabric, then I tried it on and I like it for an apron.  The cowbell was 25 cents and will be taken to school.  The embroidery hoops were 5 cents and you can never have enough of those on hand, there is a little glass vase in the bottom that was 10 cents. 

This unusual nut set was 25 cents.  At first, I thought I'd use the wooden bowl part at school and scrap the nutcracker parts, but I'm rethinking that.  The wooden bowl is already in our fall sensory tub. 

These wooden rings were a nickel each.  I have a school plan for them as well.  The kids can sit with them in front of them to corral their small pieces for games or whatever.  It keeps the pieces from getting mixed up. 

My hands were full at this shopping event.  The little sewing set was 25 cents and it was one foot I was after.  Turns out it won't fit y machine.  I'll throw them in our next sale.  The camera case is the exact same one I measured at the store when planning to make my own.  Pretty sure it's brand new and was just 1 buck.  After my food mill drama I thought I'd pick up this old school number.  I only bought that plastic box because it was 10 cents and I bought two in school fundraiser just two weeks before for 9$ each!  It is two levels and hold a sandwich and other lunch items.

These were purchased for Lou.  The little cases are DS game cases and were 5 cents each.  He may or may not be getting one for Christmas.  The monster truck tire ear covers will come in handy next time we go to the truck show.  I picked up the hat and gloves because they were only 25 cents each and I figure those are items that it doesn't hurt to have extras.  The other glove was dropped on the ground in the parking lot and when I went back later, they had it for me.   I spent just over $6.00 and got an arm full of fun goodies.

Here are Bee's purchases.  She spent 85 cents.  She bought one little baggie that had a few necklaces and one baggie that had bracelets for puppy in my pocket.  The little kitty knickknacks are so her.


Sparkling said...

I am almost positive I once owned porcelain kittens like that!

I had to laugh about the nutcrackers- I'd like to take them to school and let them have at it!

jess_hak said...

Annabelle is so fascinated with little glass knick knacks...she would've chosen the exact same things as Hannah did. lol :)

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