Tuesday, October 18, 2011

food mill love

 I have several Halloween orders to work on right now, but I wanted to share how much I love my new-to-me food mill.  I cooked up some tomato juice this weekend after pulling up all of my tomato plants.  I'm not even sure this garage sale find is called a food mill, but it did the same job.  It was easier and cleaner and I'm not worried that someone will eat a spring.  Someone will be eating the spring from the broken food mill.  To the best of my knowledge it's in a jar of applesauce.   This was a quarter well spent!

On a side note:  I pulled all the tomato plants, I was neglecting them. There were bunches of red, bunches of green.  I picked every single one.  The red ones are the sweetest sweetest tomatoes ever.  Could the cold night temperatures have done it?   It taste like I added sugar to the tomato juice.  I'm attempting to dry some this week.  They should make for some great sun dried oven dried tomatoes.


grandma said...

Good buy. I told Aunt Sue to e-mail her recipe for green tomato relish. She made a lot this weekend. She made mine special with Splenda. I am looking forward to using it on my hot dogs. George & Joyce eat it like salsa with chips.

Sparkling said...

Hmm I should think about a food mill for next year's canning. I thought I made my friend sick with my canned food. She had to go to the hospital with agonizing stomch pains that they still can't determine the source of. I had just given her a jar of each thing I canned. No one has tried any yet. I was sure it was what was killing her. She hadn't even opened them yet. THANK GOD!!!

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