Saturday, October 1, 2011

painted up

I picked up this trunk/table guy at a yard sale this summer.  Lou and I finally got to work on it this week. I removed all the hardware, which might have taken just as much time at it took to give this guy two coats of paint.

Lou was an amazingly interested and happy painter.  He stuck with it for an hour.   We also painted the telephone stand that we bought at the same time.

This is in the basement now.  Its holding the sheets and blankets for the guest bed.  We had a tub sitting in the guestroom holding these things.   We're classy like that.

It's making a great game table.  Lou and Bee are loving monopoly right now. Those silly kids, I'm pretty sure its about the money.  (In the above picture, you can see Lou's car piece on the table by him.  He likes to remove his piece after his turn so no one messes with it.) 

Unrelated photo (according to me).   This spider may or may not have come from the table.  Hubby feel this must be the case.  I know I checked the piece of furniture before I brought it inside.   Pay no attention to the dirty baseboards.   I make no excuses, I find cleaning baseboards a waste of time. 


Amanda Pedro said...

O.M. Goodness! That is a real spider?????!!!!! I've not seen one so big in person. I don't know what my reaction would be. You could hardly let it crawl on your finger and take it outside could you? Oh MY!

jess_hak said...

Oh dear....I have a really strong dislike for spiders. I'm pretty sure I would've killed it instantly...or had the hubby do it! :)

Love how this table/storage turned out! It is perfect for a game table....and lol at little guy removing his piece after his turn. :)

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