Monday, October 3, 2011

mama cat -the first week

Good friends of ours just had kittens. Their sweet little girl cat was just a few months old and hadn't been to the vet yet for her 'appointment.' 

They had company over and the little girl got out for just a few minutes.  Now, she's a teen mother.

Here they are at not even 24 hours old in the first three pictures.  There are 5 babies. The father is a no show.

And then at 1 week.  They were just starting to open their eyes at this visit. We're going again this week.  This one is named Black Beard.

Bee (who had pajama day at school) finally got to hold them.  She was giddy!

The mama cat moves the babies every morning under the bed and my friend moves them out each day.  I wanted to see the mama carry the babies in her mouth so I set one out of the box.  It was slowly creeping away and mama caught it.  She didn't carry it, the other babies were keeping her busy.  Bee kept feeling sorry for it and putting it back.

Oh my goodness.  Look at that face! 

Being a mama is hard work.  I imagine being a teen mom is harder still.


Sparkling said...

I've only seen kittens that young once. They are just sooooo cute when they are that little.

jess_hak said...

Adorable. I've been trying to convince Zak that I need a cat. A boy cat...and I want to name him Mr. Darcy. Love little grey kittens!

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