Sunday, October 9, 2011

closing up shop

It's almost time to get the garden closed for the year. I don't do a fall garden. Once school starts, I've moved on.  We picked the last pumpkin, which bring our total to 5.  W pulled up the rest of the sweet potatoes.  There were a few small summer squash, green peppers, and one weirdly shaped eggplant left.

I'll be retiring my gloves!  I trimmed and cleaned up the blackberry bushes and killed my poor fingers.  I pulled 7 thorn splinters and have a dozen more!

These lovely guys were planted in my white boxes.  There was a rumor at school that a little farm stand down the road had beautiful big mums for $5.50.  Awesome price for this size!

I picked about 3 gallons of green tomatoes and there are still about that many on the plants.  I ran out of time and energy. 

There were a number of ready tomatoes as well.  I wish I had the time, or really more, the energy or motivation to can one last batch.  A friend suggested I freeze some.  I did, but I'm thinking the flavor will be really off.

Lou cracks us up!  Look where we found his 'guys' after the parents do yard work/ kids play nearby day. It's a pretty good hideout!  This is our pumpkin from our years in FL.  You can't keep a pumpkin out for more than two days really in the October FL weather so most people buy a fake one.


grandma said...

It is the easiest way to provide tomatoes for vegetable soup. Just freeze them and run them in warm water when ready to use. The skin slips right off.
The flower boxes look great. I don't paint but some fairy may paint mine next year if I hint.

Sparkling said...

I'm still out there fighting the good fight in my garden. I planted a new crop of peas and beans jsut as it got really cold for a few days btu we had 80s today (unheard of!) and a good week predicted, so I am not pulling up my peppers yet. I just can't let it go. I expect many more beans, lots of broccoli and we'll see about the peppers. I waited all summer for those peppers!

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