Wednesday, October 12, 2011

t ball

Lou finally joined a sport.  He's in a parent/child t-ball.  

He is one of the older kids (I guess kids his age, join a real league), but he is the best player on the team (says his mama) and is one of the best listeners.  

It's been a good start for him and a real confidence builder.

I love this picture of him drinking from the jug because he asked to do this.  I brought him a water, but the other boys were getting cups and drinking from the jug.  I told him I thought it was hose water and he said boys liked hose water.

Bee and I go and watch.  We cheer him on.

Daddy is one of the more involved parents in the group.  He usually ends up helping all the kids.

We are hoping this is just the start.  Next year, I think we're ready for a real team.

Hubby got me a new camera lens for our anniversary next week.   I took about 200 photos of Lou at t-ball all in the name of experimenting with my new lens.



grandma said...

This is such a sweet age for T ball. I can remember Meg playing. Some of the children would hit the ball and run to third. I watched one of Thompson's games where one player in the field left to go to the bathroom.

jess_hak said...

Oh how fun!! Annabelle started dance not too long ago and she LOVES it. These pics are really good too.

And I must say that I am so very sorry that I haven't been to your blog in a couple weeks.....I had no idea it had been that long....I kind of took a little siesta from the internet.

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