Thursday, October 6, 2011

mamabee sweat shop

I'm bringing in cheap labor.  Lou and Bee started taking an interest in sewing this summer when I was teaching some lessons out of the house.  They were jealous and asked immediately for their own sewing lessons. 

They both sew remarkably straight lines. Pretty soon I'm going to be able to outsource.  The best part is that they work for candy.

We propped the foot pedal up on a shoebox and the kids are able to do it all by themselves.  Bee has started a quilt, wait until you see her fabric choices!


Sandy said...

That is awesome!! I need some cheap labor around here, have lots of stuff I need to make and not enough hands :)

Christina said...

I'm only hoping that Bee's quilt involves a certain sateen Strawberry Shortcake fabric I've seen floating around your stash. Fabulous!

Sparkling said...

That is excellent. You are the best mom ever! I would have dropped dead with excitement if my mother had ever shown me how to sew. It's all I ever wanted to do! INstead, I had to wait and figure it out on my own. And now my sister and I sew circles around her. Maybe that was always her worry. We'd out do her!

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