Thursday, October 13, 2011

happy yard sales find

I had some interesting yard sale finds.  An old rusty rake head, awesome, exactly what I was looking for, $1.  The next size baseball cleats for Lou, exactly what we needed, $1.  A white wooden something holder, exactly not something I was looking for, but totally wanted, $1. 

The man I bought the rake head from said he had to ask what I could possibly do with it.  I told him all about using it as a belt or necklace holder.  I needed something for belts. 

They've been all over pinterest, like this and this.   I hung it behind my bedroom door with this earring holder.  It's larger than the old one I had, but made the same way.

I added some teacup hooks at the bottom, but only had three on hand.  I'll have to add some more some time.

Old garden rakes can go on my list of all the reasons that I love pinterest.

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