Friday, October 21, 2011

Bus day- Lou day

Lou had his leader day on Bb bus day.  He helped me make up these bus snacks. Most of the kids threw them away and asked for something else.  

They are a cream cheese spread spread on a graham cracker with mini triscuits and ritz crackers as wheels. We made them right before class, but the graham cracker and cheddar cheese cream cheese was a weird combination.  Lesson learned.  

I got to swap spots with one of his teachers, so I got to be there for his day.

Lou brought in his trading cards to show at sharing time.

Lou had a fun day.  Despite his major shyness, he loves leader day.  

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grandma said...

The bus idea was cute. We all have good ideas that don't turn out as well as we had hoped. I can think of several of mine. The worse was making an ice ring with green food coloring for my red punch at Christmas about 50 years ago. It became muddy looking quickly.

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