Friday, October 7, 2011

little wallet

My stepmom sent me this little wallet in the mail and asked for a few more just like it, with a few changes.   She liked that she could throw in a few credit cards and some cash and shop purse free. These three were for friends who have admired her existing one. 

I tried a few different materials. The original one was a leatherish material, so finishing the edges was not an issue.  Since I was working with much different fabrics, the edges and thickness were the major issue.  It needed to be slightly stiff but thin at the same time.   these are the cast offs.  To stiff, to fluffy, to thin.

I ended up finding this orange and white floral fabric to be the best weight.  It was something I picked up for a skirt and then realized at home that it had some too much body to it to be a skirt.  It has a bit of gloss to it too.  I'm certain it was from the red tag table and no one else knew what to do with it either.  It has made lovely coffee cozies.

I made several and tweaked the pattern each time.  It was tricky to get the width wide enough to hold the cards but not let them tumble out.  Each one really needed tested and finished up with a little extra sewn line to size it.  I took a bunch of photos to do a possible tutorial, but I'm just not feel'in it.

I must have ended up with 8 of these in order to get 3 I was able to send away.  I kept one that wasn't as pretty and sent one away to a long lost sister.  Ok, she's not long lost, but she lives far enough away that it seems like that.  This coming weekend I get to see both my sisters and I'm pretty much excited.  Plus there are two birthdays so it's going to be even better.  Ok, enough about that.  I'd better do some packing.


Sparkling said...

I liked the first three and then I fell in LOVE with the orange one! It reminds me of a fabric my sister used to make me a purse.

Danielle said...

Cute purses! She (and her friends) will love them! Too bad you don't also get to see your brother. Don't feel badly, I never get to see your brother (or Kelly) and they only live an hour from us.

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