Monday, October 31, 2011

ruffle shirt to skirt

Bee's been wanting a ruffle skirt and I kept telling her I'd make it.  It would take like 15 minutes and I just needed to find the right ruffle fabric.  I kept looking with no luck, certainly without spending more than it costs to buy one.  Luckily she was being really patient.  At a yard sale recently, I found it though.  I bought this XL shirt for $1.  They had it marked at $2, but it was late in the day and I wasn't paying that much.

The fabric was right.  The construction was super easy.

I just cut it below the arm pits, gathered it up and stitched it to a piece of thick black elastic. The sewing isn't even pretty.  No one can tell.  Except you.

There was so much fabric left I thought a shirt might be needed.  We also whipped up a ruffly hair clip (you can see it in the picture of the full outfit). 

Bee gets 10 points for patience.  I get 5 for a good bargain.

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Sugarbug Boutique said...

Love this Beth!! Miss you guys!

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